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Paint me

Paint me red

for all my sisters who bled and

screamed and

suffered to death because

they are forced to live in a nation

where they would rather have abomination than

let a woman get an abortion and save not 1

but 2 lives.

Paint me red because

when that vessel of undeveloped bones

and jumbled up nerves and veins

with one heart will break,

there will be 4 hands bloody.

Paint me black

for all the black blood spilled,

for all the lives labelled unworthy

just because of the chromosomes in their body.

Paint me black for all white,

for the white that think they’re protecting people

and obeying laws,

for the white that are accepted with all their flaws.

Paint me black for the white who think

they aren’t part of the cause.

Paint me black

for the lives left in tatters.

Paint me black for those obligatory,

capital earning instagram hashtags

that read, #AllLivesMatter.

Paint me a rainbow

with glorious streaks of blue and

purple and even gold for

all those who have been told

and taught and tortured about the

righteousness for loving someone right.

Paint me a rainbow for the story of

Adam and Eve because maybe nobody

thought to perceive

that Eve was just short for Evan.

Paint me green

for the bruises on a smashed face

in the name of a superior race, caste or creed.

Paint me green for the trembling bodies

of innocents who can’t feed

all because they’ve been named

of the lower class,

whose lives today are still being dictated

by their tainted past.

Paint me green for the jobs

still reserved to do by certain people,

for the absurd idea of being in control

of certain people,

of having power over certain people.

Paint me a hue of saffron

for the mongolia flowers offered

to hindu goddesses,

in the name of which we

disrupt into hateful wars and relentless riots. Paint me a hue of saffron because

I wish people knew that priests in

the highest levels of a mosque

drape themselves with the same saffron.

Paint me a hue of saffron and then ask yourself,

how are we different?

Paint me a hue of saffron, no,

Paint me a hue of basil

for the intricate designs of the basil-binded quran.

Paint me a hue of basil for the

basil bangles and basil clothes that

Durga is dressed up in.

Paint me a river of tears,

of sweat,

of hate, of love,

of anger, of pain.

Paint me a river of insanity,

Paint me a river of humanity.

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